David Levin, Licensed Private Investigator


     David Levin  has been preforming investigative work since the mid-1970's at various government agencies including The Inspectors General Office and the New York City Department of Investigation. At that time, those agencies were considered to be the World's Premier White Collar Crime and Anti-Corruption Investigatory Agencies.


     While at the Inspector General Office,  he performed general investigative work and designed the security systems for major City agencies. He ultimately was promoted to Assistant Inspector General.


     While at the Department of Investigation, Mr. Levin specialized in Technical Investigations and Electronic Surveillance. At the time, none of this type of equipment could be obtained off the shelf, as now is the case. He was responsible for designing major items such as surveillance vans and modifying manufacturer’s poorly designed commercial surveillance equipment.  Furthermore, he designed and supervised the construction and operation of the Department’s New Radio Systems. Ultimately, when the Department relocated its offices, Mr. Levin designed and supervised the new technical equipment as well as its installation.


    Since 1993, when Mr. Levin entered the Private Sector, he has continued to maintain the most up to date research techniques including use of highly specialized internet sites and computerized databases.  


     By successfully blending his technical investigative skills and up to date research techniques with good old fashioned investigative skills, Mr. Levin has created a successful Boutique Investigative practice




Masters’ Degree, Criminal Justice, John Jay College


Bachelor of Science, Police Science, John Jay College